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Most students who are not interested in mathematics (as a subject), and hence have a fear for  this beautiful subject, fall into three main categories:


The first category consists of the students who just do not have good study habits and/or don’t really understand how to study for mathematics.


The next category is the people who spend hours each day studying and still don’t do well. Most of the people in this category suffer from inefficient study habits.


The final category is those people who simply aren’t spending enough time studying.


Awanish Gupta classes was founded in 2000 with the objective to help students of all the above categories to motivate and thus enhance their performance in mathematics.


One cannot learn mathematics by just going to the class and watching the teacher lecture and work problems on different topics. In order to learn mathematics one must be actively involved in the learning process.


  • We in our institute introduce innovative ways to imbibe the love for the subject. Consequently students not only attend classes on the regular basis but also pay attention and actively participate in the discussions while in class.  


In order to get good results in mathematics one needs to do more than just memorize a set of formulas. While there is certainly a fair amount of memorization of formulas there is lot more to do. Primarily, one should understand how to USE the formulas and that is often far different from just memorizing them. For instance, some formulas have restrictions on them that one needs to know in order to correctly use them.


  • We at our institute help the students to identify the situations to USE the correct formulas as per the requirement of the problem.  


Mathematics courses are cumulative. Almost everything done in a math class depends on subjects that have been previously learned. This goes beyond just knowing the previous sections in the current class to needing to remember material from previous classes.


  • Awanish Gupta Classes grooms the students from the very onset where the student is introduced to mathematics and in the process helps them to remember the key results of the previous classes which are frequently used.


Having received overwhelming response from the students and generating excellent results in IIT JEE, AIEEE and Madhya Pradesh PET, Awanish Gupta Classes started helping its students with different subjects taught in Engineering. Again our students produced phenomenal results and as a result Awanish Gupta Classes started a separate stream for coaching of different engineering subjects.


Recently in 2010, Awanish Gupta Classes has started the coaching for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) and Indian Engineering Services (IES) in association with graduates from IITs.